CU Amiga Magazine CUCD woes

It was a beautiful February morning. The sun was shining, the birds
were singing, the lambs were gamboling in the fields and the CD
compiler was happily doing what he does, compiling a CD. With more
than a day until the courier was due to collect the master CD, the CD
compiler was whistling a happy tune as he merrily compiled another

Then it happened, disaster struck. The phone rang and the CD compiler
cheerily answered it. It was the great Lord Horgan, asking how the CD
was going. "Fine" was the cheery reply. "It needs to be at the
duplicators by 8am tomorrow" says Lord Horgan. At this point darl
clouds drew across the sun, the birds flew away and the lambs ran off
as if they'd smelled mint sauce.

Lord Horgan was sorely dismayed, but he had very few serfs, especially
since the departure of Squire Bettinson to foreign lands where they
speak in strange tongues. But the Lord had spoken and nothing more
could be said.

OK, it wasn't quite like that, but mad panic makes less interesting
reading. The CD was almost finished, just a few directories of icons
to snapshot, some general maintenance stuff, like virus checking, a
test burn of the CD and then install the Mac software for
ShapeShifter. Most of these were pretty straightforward, until the
time came to sort the Mac stuff.

Booting up ShapeShifter, I copied some 60MB of archives via MAC:
device and started to unpack and install them. Suddenly I had lost all
my familiar, and heavily customised, tools. No Opus Workbench, no
SnoopDOS, no way of looking at installer scripts to see what went


Ah well, time passed and things worked out, except I didn't really
have any time to pass. Lord Horgan decreed a stay of execution of
twelve hours and here we are with one CD, two floppy disks and no
sleep... how long until the pub opens?



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