CU Amiga Magazine CUCD woes

Yes, it's actually a Mat.readme

No time to catalog the plethora of errors that came to mean that I have 30
minutes to create CUCD8. It had to do with crossed wires, brought-forward
deadlines and serious implications for our parent publishing company on the
last day I had to cut the CD.

During this day, I madly copied 3 Zips of gear Neil threw together given a
days notice of a deadline being many days forward of what he was working to.
Needless to say it wasn't to the usual standard.

From there it needed to be tidied up (and I'm sure I haven't done half of
it) and OctaMED sorted out, Chaos Engine plonked on, the Web sites leeched
and the Index made. The icons sorted out everywhere, the magazine directory
fixed up (with the PGP stuff) and my god... the readers material from Andrew
(who kindly organised all the readers contributions which is a nightmare in
itself) and Tony's samples.

Naturally hardware problems abounded. CU Amiga is barely ticking over on
working hardware, only Bitch is faultless. Well actually she has a bust
Parallel port which nukes Parnet, traditionally the savior of CUCDs. Tony's
4000, 'Cow', has only one working Zorro slot. The bottom one. Cards press on
the Simms. Andrews Micronik tower 'Tart' doesn't have any working Zorro
slots, we've been meaning to have this fixed for ages. So how do we get 60MB
of readers stuff and 40MB of samples to Bitch? Jeezus...

Fit an Oktagon SCSI card to the working Zorro slot of 'Cow' and copy Tony's
samples. Then remove the HD and plonk Andrews HD in Cow and shovel it over.
Did Tony's mods, time is drawing short. Couldn't get Andrews HD to boot, I
have no time to help him sort it, madly sorting out web stuff. Time is
ticking down, one hour to go. (He's downstairs arguing with security guard
to stay and... got back this second and succeeded! We have until quarter to

Problems running index generator, wont list CD image. Possible problem with
AFS there, who knows. List is just chewing CPU time without throwing output
to the CD image. No time, no time, readers stuff on, graphics roundup
feature stuff on, icons desperately fixed. Build ISO Image!

Good bye!

Mat Bettinson - Technical Editor and CUCD miracle worker

P.S. Since no-one really beleives that we create CDs and part oceans and
other miracles on a monthly basis. In the last 16.5 minutes, we have decided
to prove it to you. There's an anim here called panic.anim, generated by
quickcam minutes before cutting the CD. So now, uncensored, you now bare
witness to the caverns of CU Amiga Magazine and the last minute CD cutting.
Argh, he's holding a QuickCam in my face, arrggghhhhh. Only 880K of anim to
fit on floppy, no scsi hassles now... Haha, software failure, oh it's too
muuuuuchhhhhhhhh. Gotta build CD, gotta stop typing. arrrggggh

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