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Calling all user groups!

Do you run an Amiga user group? If so we want to hear from you. We're starting up a new user group directory, aimed to help you attract more members and direct lost souls to local like-minded enthusiasts.

Our aim is to compile a database of Amiga user groups from all over the world. Once we've done that, we'll publish and update it each month in the pages of CU Amiga. Assuming we get enough returns in time, we'll print the first listing in the April 1998 issue of CU Amiga (or even the March issue with a good level of Internet feedback). If you'd like your club or user group to be included, simply fill in the form below as fully as you can (all supplied information will be published).

This service is completely free of charge.

Please include my Amiga user group in your monthly listings.

General location
Group name
Tel: (specify suitable hours/days)
Web site:
Contact name:
Postal address:
Prefered contact method: Post

Click here to your details or here to the form.

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