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Yep, it's a log of what's changed recently on CU Online. You asked for it, you got it, now there's no excuse not to bookmark CU Online and drop in regularly.

Thursday 13-Aug-98 Updated home page with announcement of CU Amiga's closure
Thursday 06-Aug-98 Updated schematics on the CDDA Mixer page.
Monday 03-Aug-98 Oops, there was a typo in the email address for Putty Squad responses. It's fixed now.
Saturday 01-Aug-98 Putty Squad is to be released, read about it here.
Friday 31-Jul-98 Added news of the contents of the September issue of CU Amiga.
Friday 31-Jul-98 News from Villagetronic about the new Ariadne2 card
Wednesday 29-Jul-98 Added details of the August issue contents.
Friday 25-Jul-98 Minor update, more details on next issue etc. to follow soon.
Thursday 16-Jul-98 Added the new ISP survey, a brief survey on what you think of your ISP. Please take a few seconds to answer.
Tuesday 30-Jun-98 Hmm, ten days without an update, we were busy getting the next issue finished. Now you can see exactly what's in the current issue and what you have to look forward to in next month's CU Amiga.
Saturday 20-Jun-98 The mailing list is back at last, more information on the Contacts page.
Tuesday 16-Jun-98 Put all the source code examples from the C Programming tutorials in the Features section.
Friday 12-Jun-98 There were some files missing from the Scalos archive supplied for CUCD24. You can download a fix from the CUCD section.
Friday 29-May-98 Made several changes throughout the site, including Next Month, WOA, and Subs
Wednesday 27-May-98 Added a small patch to fix for problems with Reality Game Engine.
Tuesday 26-May-98 Added a fix for problem a few people have reported with InitCD on CUCD23. Nothing to download, just a one-off command to execute.
Tuesday 19-May-98 Here are the pictures that were transmitted from the CU Amiga WOAcam on sunday.
Friday 15-May-98 Following the announcement from Amiga Inc tonight, here is a summary of what was said and what it means.
Tuesday 12-May-98 Added the full World of Amiga seminar timetable, along with more exhibitor information.
Wednesday 6-May-98 Newsflash - statement from Amiga Inc regarding an announcment at World of Amiga
Monday 4-May-98 Two new news items about Mystique Corporation and Siamese Systems.
Monday 4-May-98 Changed the graphics in the CDDA Mixer project from PNG to GIF since Voyager was having problems decoding the PNGs.
Friday 1-May-98 Added information on the recent CDDA Mixer project to the Features section.
Thursday 30-Apr-98 More information on the World of Amiga show, including preliminary details of the seminars being run and an updated list of exhibitors.
Tuesday 28-Apr-98 Added a sneak preview of the contents of the June issue.
Monday 27-Apr-98 Superbase on CUCD22 has a faulty hard disk installer script. A fixed script is available from the CUCD section
Wednesday 8-Apr-98 Special offer on PPC cards from White Knight Technology.
Tuesday 7-Apr-98 Updated World of Amiga '98 site with more infoprmation on who will be exhibiting.
Friday 3-Apr-98 World of Amiga '98 now has its own section. Keep an eye on these pages for the latest news of what, where, when and who.
Thursday 2-Apr-98 (pm) Added a taster of what will be in the May issue.
Wednesday 1-Apr-98 (pm) "Somebody" changed the news index to admit the deception. Still didn't own up though :)
Wednesday 1-Apr-98 (am) "Somebody" got at the news section and uploaded a story that would have been very interesting on any other day.
Monday 30-Mar-98 Updated mailing list status information. Added note to main page about general email problems.
Wednesday 25-Mar-98 Removed the Big Amiga Poll, voting has now closed and the results are being compiled. More mailing list woes. Don't resubscribe or post anything until the status window gives the OK.
Monday 16-Mar-98 The mailing list lost its database over the weekend. You may need to resubscribe.
Saturday 14-Mar-98 Updated the editorial section to show regular freelance contributors as well as staff. Also added mailing list status information.
Saturday 7-Mar-98 Preview of the contents of the April issue
Friday 6-Mar-98 Updated the editorial section to show our new Staff Writer, Richard Drummond.
Friday 27-Feb-98 Added a major survey for all of Amiga users, not only our readers but all Amiga users worldwide. Tell us what you want from the next Amigas.
Friday 13-Feb-98 World of Amiga '98 - Confirmation that the World of Amiga show will take place in London in May
Friday 6-Feb-98 There may be a virus on CUCD19. Check the CUCD pages for further information.
Friday 6-Feb-98 Another site update. The navigation bars are now all coded with JavaScript, giving the browser equivalent of "bubble help" on all buttons.
Thursday 29-Jan-98 Lots of bits and pieces updated today. There's some new pictures in the Art Gallery, some more information on the TFX tips page. The Contents and Back Issues sections are fully up to date and there is a sneak preview of the March issue too.
Wednesday 28-Jan-98 New Amiga CPU decided! Amiga Inc have decided the CPU for the Amigas future - and there are two of them.
Friday 02-Jan-98 A new version of the POV ray tracer has been released.
Tuesday 30-Dec-97 News of the new BoXeR Amiga clone.
Wednesday 24-Dec-97 Official news on the Amiga release of Quake.
Sunday 21-Dec-97 TFX tips added to features section
Tuesday 9-Dec-97 To add your Amiga user group to CU Amiga's new directory, complete our online form.
Friday 5-Dec-97 Please fill out the new Readers Survey. We'd like to find out more about you, in order to give you the best magazine possible.
Monday 1-Dec-97 At last, an update!! A few additions to show we are still alive, to be followed by more updates over the coming week or two, so watch this space.
We have a preview of the January 1988 issue. An interview with Eric Schwartz as well as updated information on the contents and back issues pages.
Monday 20-Oct-97 Clearly something's wrong for CU Online to be frozen in time for a month. The 'wrong' thing is that I'm leaving the magazine and accordingly it's been a nightmare sorting things out. You can read the FAQ at my home page. This also means that CU is looking for fresh blood to fill the gap in the ranks and the job advertisement can be found in the news section.
Tuesday 16-Sep-97 Sub Editor Russ Cox is on training so I can sneak in time for an update. RC5 news item added. Contents of the October issue added. Oh yes, next month's teaser too.
Friday 05-Sep-97 The Amiga Inc. Developers Registration stuff is now up in the news section.
Thursday 04-Sep-97 Seems I forgot I had the day off. OK the details for AIR Link are in the news section now. I'm going to use dates as the links in the news section from now on.
Tuesday 02-Sep-97 Something wonderful is about to happen. Details of the next amazing DIY project are coming, complete with a covermounted PCB. No lie. Tommorow I'll put up the details. Oh I'm such a tease!
Wednesday 27-Aug-97 Improved and fixed the Project XG addendum. <sigh> well it's sure a learning experience. Thanks to the folks who picked up on the errors.
Tuesday 19-Aug-97 Added news item about the Amiga C mailing list. Added some fixes for common Vista Pro problems.
Monday 18-Aug-97 As people start building Project XG from the DIY feature, it became clear there were some errors in the feature. Half expecting some anyway, today I had a good look at it and corrected the diagrams and other mistakes in this Project XG addendum.
Thursday 14-Aug-97 Gnnnnnnnnnn, we seem to have left off Maplin's address on the Project XG feature, errata in news section. Please E-mail Russ Cox, the Sub Editor, and tell him it's his fault (even though it probably isn't).
Thursday 14-Aug-97 Fixed up the front page of the Database section to fit in with the CU Online style guide. Brought in next headings for the Database and Survey sections. Added new contents of the September issue since it's officially out today. Ripper it is too, y'all don't miss it y'hear?
Thursday 14-Aug-97 Removed free CD offer from the subs page. Apparently this did not apply to the 12 for 9 offer. Moved the DIY survey into survey section.
Wednesday 13-Aug-97 Woooooahhh, final phase of the big overhaul. Got the database section added. I thought "Wow, this is the most incredible update and I didn't have to do a thing". Dave Freeman, in Thailand (lovely place Thailand), sent the database to us already in good HTML format. There had to be a catch. Gnnnnnnnnn, it's all in mixed case. All 300 odd HTML files and filenames. 25 minutes and Rexx From Hell TM saves the day and regenerates all the filenames and the HTML documents. As you can see, it worked and we have a really wicked Database of the last 2 years online. Hoorah!
Wednesday 13-Aug-97 First phase of the big overhaul; redid all of the nav bar buttons and the nav Frames to add new sections. New Survey and Database sections, rename others like 'Surf's Up' to 'Links', 'Editorial' to 'Mailing List' and 'POV' to 'Opinion'. You got no idea how long it took to do those buttons. Now all I need to do is get the Database up...
Tuesday 12-Aug-97 Added the DIY survey in the features section. Damn, I need to get some time for a major update this week...
Tuesday 05-Aug-97 Managed to scrape some time together for some web site work. Art Gallery updated. Added pOS news. Fixed up the long neglected back issues. Added Andrew's Guildhall and Epic CD news. Groping for instant content, threw in a POV as well. Phew, time for home.
Thursday 24-Jul-97 Seems Gateway had something to say about that news.
Monday 21-Jul-97 Added Lotus Pacific news cunningly in the news section.
Friday 18-Jul-97 Contemplated the fact that we probably need a What's New button for the nav frame... Decided to go to the pub instead. <grin>
Friday 18-Jul-97 Added next month teaser page with funky picture of the real Project XG. Note the gratuitous use of perspective distortion and not a funny shaped box.
Thursday 17-Jul-97 Added AmigaNET UK IRC server and fixed the main nav.html, changed 'Europe' to 'European Community' on subs page
Tuesday 15-Jul-97 Added AmigaNET news item.
Tuesday 15-Jul-97 Added August issue to Contents pages.
Monday 14-Jul-97 Changed 'nav' frames so no underline after buttons on Netscape (sigh). Let this be a lesson, don't put <A> on a fresh line as Netscape assumes a space.
Monday 14-Jul-97 Added a 'What's new' changes log. :)

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