CU Amiga August 1997 issue contents

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  • News report
    Amiga license Micronik towers, the fastest 68060 Amiga accelerator ever and the regular round up of major and minor news this month.
  • Crack the Code
    So you want to get the most from your Amiga? Then learn to program it! Learning the art of computer programming is not as hard as you might think, and this month we give you all that's required to get started: the Storm C compiler on the coverdisks and CD, coupled with a new style of tutorial that promises fast results and will give you all the tools you'll need to start programming and put yourself firmly in the driving seat.
  • Power Gaming
    We know that MYST is coming and we've even played Duke Nuke 'em 3D in the office. All these titles are now appearing on the horizon thanks to the rise of the 68030 and the long awaited PowerPC. Find out what wre know about the future of games for the power users of Amiga...
  • PowerPC is Coming!
    The most significant advance on the Amiga scene since the A1200 is about to happen: PowerPC accelerators that run at over 100 times the speed of current Amigas will be available within weeks, offering affordable Pentium-beating performance to mass market Amigas!
Coverdisks and CD-ROM
  • Storm C Compiler
    The Storm C compiler is the best commercial and fully supported C compiler currently available for the Amiga. We bring you the latest useable demo version limited by the length of time that it will run. A truly professional program.
  • Turbo Print
    This exclusive demo to CU Amiga gives the best quality print out possible on a host of printers. This version will print in full but with a small logo at the top of the page.
  • Dogfight
    Low-tech, high-thrills one-on-one action in this farcical tribute to the biplanes of old.
  • Super CD-ROM 13
    Simply the best CD-ROMs for your Amiga. Number 13 is no exception.

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Games & Entertainment Foundation
  • Foundation preview
  • Golem preview
  • Olofight preview
  • Trapped 2 preview
  • Zone 99 preview
  • Vendetta 2175 review
  • Trapped review
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Tips Central
Tech Scene - Reviews V-NG



  • Battle of the Browsers
    The Net is where it's all happening on the Amiga. Mat Bettinson puts the Amiga's top trio of web browsers head to head and comes up with some interesting results.
    • Voyager NG 2.9x - Vaporware/Active Software
    • IBrowse 1.12 - Omnipresence/HiSoft
    • AWeb-II 3.0 - Amitrix/Blittersoft
  • Tower add-ons
    A round up of lots of bits and peices of hardware highly useful for putting your Amiga in a tower.
  • Cinema 4D V4 CD edition
    Maxxon's latest rendering package gets a thorough test to see what's new and improved since the last highly rated versions.
  • Whippet
    A test run of HiSoft's PCMCIA high-speed serial port reveals just whether it will give an increase in performance...
  • Port Plus Jnr
    Otherwise known as a HyperCOM outside of the UK, this rival high-speed serial port replacement is compared to the Whippet.
  • Viper 630
    It had to happen, Power Computing's Viper 630 brings a 40Mhz 68030 to the Amiga. Worth it?
  • Viper Mark V 1230/50
    Power's latest in the line of A1200 accelerators. This one sports SCSI-2 built in as standard.
  • DOpus Magellan
    GP Soft's Directory Opus latest incarnation. What's changed and how does it stack up as a directory utility and a Workbench replacement?
  • PD Utilities
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail.
  • CD-ROM Scene
    All the latest Amiga CD-ROMs on the market.
  • Art Gallery
    Readers art, some of which can be seen on this site .
Workshop regulars
  • Imagine 4.0 tutorial
  • Amiga C programming tutorial
  • Surf's Up - 'Comms' news
  • Wired Word - 'Comms' tutorial
  • Surf of the Month
  • Desktop Publishing tutorial
  • Q+A
  • FAQ
  • Backchat
  • Points of View