CU Amiga August 1998 issue contents

  • Samplitude CD
    This specially written version of the latest Samplitude Opus software is a powerful sample recorder/editor ideal for making your own audio CDs.
  • Soundprobe 2 Demo
    An exclusive demo of Soundprobe 2, the impressive new sample editor.
  • Wolfpac
    3D pacman game, with PPC support. Due to a "technical hitch" (ahem) it doesn't appear on the CD this month, but will be included next.
  • Audio track on the CD*
  • Plus all the normal great stuff on the CDs including an excellent collection of Quake add-ons.
  • Confused? You won't be
    Our quick and easy guide to the many paths the future holds for the Amiga. We make head or tail of it all for you!
  • Video Toaster pops up again
    With the recent drop in prices in Toaster/Flyer technology, we take another look at this revolutionary piece of kit and explain what the fuss is all about.
  • Audio Magic
    A massive feature on everything you need to move your Amiga based music creation into the modern era, and create direct to CD.
Sound Probe 2
Reviews of some top games and superb hardware and apps including:
  • Genetic Species

  • Foundation

  • Sound Probe 2

  • Samplitude Opus

  • Siamese v2.1

  • Scan Magic

  • Catweasel 2

All the normal extras including news, hints and tips, adventure helpline, user group listings, PD reviews, comms coverage and tutorials.

August 1998
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* Yes, it's a techno track. This is included on the CD partly as a challenge to everyone who moans about Amiga music being dominated by techno tracks. If you want to supply us a professional quality audio track in a different style then feel free to take up the challenge! We'll also consider other techno things too, but we'd like to diversify over the coming months.

You can email small mods direct to the editor or send recordings of Amiga-created musical masterpieces to this address:

CD audio tracks
CU Amiga
37-39 Millharbour
Isle of Dogs
E14 9TZ

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