CU Amiga December 1997 issue contents

Features & covermounts
  • Myst Preview
    Exclusive preview of the new Amiga conversion of Myst. The biggest selling PC CD-ROM game of all time comes to the Amiga via ClickBOOM.
  • PowerUP - First Look
    CU Amiga looks at the first Amiga PowerPC card to be released: phase 5's Cyberstorm PPC.
  • ISDN: The Net on Speed
    All you need to know about the new affordable world of ISDN and how it makes conventional modem links seem like a piece of string.
  • AIR Link Part 2
    Follow up to the groundbreaking AIR Link infra-red controller/reciever project from the November issue which came with a free PCB.
  • Freeware Roundup
    Some of the best totally free Amiga software put under the spotlight.
Floppy disks
  • PC Task 3.1 (full program) - Emulate a PC on your Amiga!
  • Dir Work 2.1 (full program) - Top two-lister file manager.
  • Diamond Caves (game demo) - Addictive Boulderdash clone.
  • Another 100% full CD with all of the above plus:
  • Massive icon collection
  • OnEscapee demo
  • Utilities
  • Demos
  • Anims
  • Mods
  • Pics and all that stuff
  • Championship Manager 2
  • Cannon Fodder 1+2 (re-release)
  • Blade
  • TFX Tips
  • Tips Central
  • Adventure Helpline
  • Scanner Round-up
  • ImagineX
  • HiSoft Squirrel CD-R
  • Sharp MiniDisc Recorder
  • Viper 520CD
  • Imagine 4.0
  • Amiga C Programming
  • Net God
  • Surf of the Month
  • Wired World
  • Sound Lab
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Q+A
  • A-Z
  • Backchat
  • Points of View

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