CU Amiga February 1998 issue contents

  • The Big Switch
    A look at the possible choices of CPU for the next generation of Amigas.
  • Amiga Forever
    UAE, the Amiga emulator, goes official. We look at the preview release of the Amiga Forever CD from Cloanto.
  • CDDA Mixer
    Combine your Amiga and CDROM audio outputs, with this quick and easy DIY project.
  • Scala MM300 (full program)
    The best multimedia authporing program, on any platform, and you can have the full version for free.
  • OpenBSD
    A full distribution of the most up to date Unix implementation available for the Amiga.
    Following public demand, we have included all you need to turn an Amiga into a full blown Unix machine.

  • Power Tower
    With lights glowing like a Spielberg spaceship and a string of innovations on offer, this could be the best tower ever.
  • Distant Suns
    Explore the farthest reaches of the known universe with the new CD release of the classic astronomy system.
  • Blitz Basic CD
    For the Blitz Basic programmer with everything?
  • Emulators
    Emulating those old classics, the Apple II and Atari 800.
  • Games
    Reviews of OnEscapee, Myst, Sword and Final Odyessey

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