CU Amiga January 1998 issue contents

  • Personal Paint 6.6 (full program)
    The best paint program, complete with loads of powerful built-in ARexx scripts. Much better than 6.4.
  • Trapped III (game demo)
    This one's going to knock your socks off. Brilliant 3D blasting action with the most advanced 3D environment you've ever seen!
  • Foundation (demo on CD)
    Another forthcoming release being touted as the best Amiga game yet. Make up your own mind with this massive playable demo.

  • Cyberstorm PPC (full review)
    The review you've been waiting for. phase 5's hot new property gets a full workout. 'Bitch' doesn't know what's hit her.
  • Sound Probe
    A save disabled demo of this revolutionary new sampling package, plus THE review by Amiga audio expert Tony Horgan.
Sound Probe

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