CU Amiga July 1997 issue contents

News & Features cover
  • News report
    Gateway 2000 spell out their Amiga plans, full Amiga show report, plus Stateside and the regular news round-up too!
  • Total Internet Solution
    The Internet explained for those who are confused by the whole thing. Tied in with the CU exlusive NetConnect Lite package on the CD-ROM, dedicated to the UK's only Amiga dedicated ISP, Wirenet. The software is by far and away the easiest Amiga software to get running that has ever been covermounted so expect a flood of new Amiga users on the Net!
  • What Went Wrong?
    Why did the world's most revolutionary, forward thinking computer end up taking a back seat to far lesser technology like the PC and Mac, and can history teach us how to get the Amiga back up there? We dissect the Amiga's rollercoaster life in an effort to find out just what went wrong.
  • Eric Schwartz
    His animations and artwork are admired the world over. He's been the inspiration for thousands of Amiga artists and by rights, many say he should be head of Disney by now. After all these years he's still a staunch Amiga supporter, so we thought it was time for a chat...
Coverdisks and CD-ROM
  • Quarterback 6.1 & Quarterback Tools
    The complete Quarterback 6.1 system is yours with this month's CU Amiga Magazine. Backing up files and entire drives has never been easier, and along with the companion software Quarterback Tools, you'll also be able to salvage corrupt files and work wonders with disks that let you down.
  • The Big Red Adventure
    Here's your chance to try out the 90% rated graphic adventure from Power Computing. Sneak behind the rusting iron curtain to discover a land full of mystery and all kinds of weird and shifty characters.
  • Super CD-ROM 12
    Simply the best CD-ROMs for your Amiga. Number 12 is no exception.
QB Man
Games & Entertainment
  • ClickBOOM games vote
  • Charlie Wallace Interview
  • Wendetta review
  • Trapped review
  • Mega Typhoon review
  • Hidden Truth CD-ROM review
  • Paranormal Encyclopedia review
  • Tips Central
Tech Scene - Reviews PortPlus


  • Final Writer 97
    The Amiga classic Word Processor hits 1997
  • Siamese RTG 2.0
    Finally the Siamese RTG system reviewed! Revolutionary or foundless hype?
  • PortPlus
    AKA the HyperCOM, A1200 parallel/serial card
  • Burn It
    New CD mastering software challenges MakeCD and MasterISO
  • Network PC vs Gemini
    Two Amiga to Windows95 PC networking packages tested head-to-head
  • Viper Mk 4 Accelerator
    Power Computing's cheap 42Mhz 030 accelerator tested
  • Power 4Mb RAM Card
    Power's ultra cheap A1200 memory expansion
  • Topolino
    Jason Compton tests the PC mouse adapter
  • Insert 104
    Jason Computing looks at the new PC keyboard adapter
  • Air Mail
    Latest version of the Air Mail E-mail package tested
  • IDE Zip Drive
    The fabulous 100MB Zip drive hits IDE, how is it on Amiga?
  • PD Scene
    The usual PD games, demos and oddities rounded up
  • PD Utilities
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail
  • CD-ROM Scene
    All the latest Amiga CD-ROMs on the market
  • Art Gallery
    Readers art, some of which can be seen on this site