CU Amiga June 1997 issue contents

Features cover
  • CD-R Evolution
    You can cut CDs with your Amiga now for just a few hundred quid. There's even software to do just that on this month's CD! We investigate the many possibilities of this exciting new technological advance.
  • Build Your Own Tower - part 3
    Introducing: Zorro! As we conclude out guide to transplanting an A1200 into a tower system, we get serious with a look at how you can add Zorro power, and the endless new avenues that will be open up to you.
  • Special Gateway News Report
    We broke the news exclusively last month, now we follow up with a close look at the company behind the cow print and the golden G. What plans have they announced for the new Amiga International, and how is this aquisition likely to affect us all? Our top reporters hit the road to bring home all the facts and canvas some opinions on the most significant deal for years.
Coverdisks and CD-ROM
  • Pro Page 4.1
    You read it right: the classic Amiga DTP system is yours with this issue of CU Amiga, with the complete program on both CD and floppy disk editions. This is professional desktop publishing at its best.
  • Pro Page 4.1 extras & The Sun
    Bringing up the rear of ProPage with some additional files and support data, both floppy and CD editions also come complete with the enchanting cerebral shoot 'em up The Sun.
  • Super CD-ROM 11
    Back once again, this time compatibile even with buggy CD file systems, Super CD-ROM 11 has over 550Mb of software, plus two totally exclusive audio tracks to be played on any standard hi-fi CD player. Utilities, mods, graphics, games, demos, it's all here...
Game previews and reviews
  • Massive Previews Special
  • The History of the World Cup
  • Peter Molyneux Interview
  • Tips Central
Tech Scene - Reviews P-IV
  • PC Task Vs. PCx
    The two top PC Emulation packages grilled head to head by Jason Compton
  • Turbo Print 5
    The latest version of the classic print enhancer/driver gets reviewed
  • Picasso IV
    The awesome latest Zorro III graphics card from Villagetronic. CV3D beater?
  • Cybervision 3D
    A fresh look at Phase 5's CV3D with the latest software and price reduction
  • Net Connect
    Active Software's total Internet solution, how does it shape up?
  • Buffered IDE Splitter
    Hype or valuable safeguard? See here for more
  • Catweasle
    High speed HD floppies via the IDE connector
  • MakeCD
    We score this latest 2.3 incarnation of this German CD Mastering package
  • PD Scene
    The usual PD games, demos and oddities rounded up
  • PD Utilities
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail
  • CD-ROM Scene
    All the latest Amiga CD-ROMs on the market
  • Art Gallery
    Readers art, some of which can be seen on this site