CU Amiga March 1998 issue contents

  • Exclusive Quake Preview
    Quake logo We've seen it and played it before anyone else. Read all about the biggest game the Amiga has ever seen and how it looks like giving the entire Amiga games scene a hefty boot up the backside. You're going to like this one.
  • Amiga: Next Generation
    Inside info, moles and 'undisclosed sources' are combined to give you the best insight yet into the future of your favourite platform.
  • New user group directory
    The first installment of a regular new user group directory to be published in print on a monthly basis incuding groups from all corners of the globe. Add yours to the list by visiting the User Group survey section.
  • Doom Special
    Doom A variety of Amiga Doom ports plus shareware levels are on the CD along with loads of other top stuff, like a full version of Cartoon Studio, a beta of the new JAVA Script-supporting AWeb... plus all the rest you've come to expect from the best 650Mb of Amiga software each month.

    For those still without a CD drive we've even put three disks on the cover in order to bring you Doom, plus the all new Virus Checker II.

  • PageStream 3.3
  • XDVE
  • HisoftC++
  • Cygnus Ed
  • Power Computing's new CD-ROM drive

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