CU Amiga May 1998 issue contents

  • Digital Cameras
    A feature on lots of different Amiga compatible cameras, various software drivers, how they work, what you can do with them, how good they are, why you should get one.
  • Interactive Fiction
    That's text adventures to you and me. Remember the days of Infocom and co? We've got loads of quality adventures for you to get your teeth into on both editions of the mag and Jason Compton tells you all about them.
  • Big Amiga Poll
    The results and analysis of our recent online poll
  • New reviews directory
    Goes back over two years or so. A new regular feature, more up to date than the HTML version on the website
  • SuperBase4 Professional
    On CD and disk, this top database package in its entirety.
  • Quake
    A non-playable demo, showing exactly how Quake will run on your machine.
Loads of reviews of great hardware and software, including:
  • First Blizzard PPC Review A four page review with stacks of detail on the most important bit of Amiga kit since the A1200 itself.
  • Wordworth 7
  • Elastic Dreams
  • Pace and Dynamode 56K modems
  • Fusion 3.1
  • Art Studio Pro
  • Picture Manager Pro
Blizzard PPC

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