CU Amiga November 1997 issue contents

Features & covermounts
  • Covermount: Draw Studio Lite
    A fully functional special version of Draw Studio exclusively for CU Amiga readers. This package contains the great bulk of the features found in the full CU SuperStar rated commercial package minus true 24-bit support. Superb for every aspect of illustration including web graphics.
  • Feature: Macintosh Gaming
    Jason Compton embarks on a crusade to obtain the latest and greatest games for 68000 based Macintoshs. This feature rounds up the best games and how they work on various Amigas. Also includes hints and tips for the leading Mac emulation packages to achieve optimum results.
  • DIY Scene: AIR Link
    You read about it in the news section, AIR Link is coming next month! This extremely easy to build project will cost only £15 and lets your Amiga control every InfraRed equipped device in your house. You can also control your Amiga with any remote control. We take the revolutionary path of covermounting the actual PCB required to build AIR Link. Don't miss it!
AIR Link
  • Aladdin 4D
    John Kennedy takes a look at the Alladin 4D V5. The long awaited reworked rendering package from Nova Design. Our special extended review asks of Aladdin 4D V5 has been worth the wait.
  • Oxypatcher
    Oxyron's answer to Phase 5's Cyberpatcher. This utility allows much greater performance when used with a 68060 based accelerator. It claims to be better than Cyberpatcher and it's the only option for non Phase 5 boards. Is Oxypatcher worth the cash?
  • A1200 PCMCIA Ethernet
    We take a look at Hydra System's Amiga specific PCMCIA Ethernet adapter. How does it work with Siamese RTG, Envoy and Miami?