CU Amiga October 1997 issue contents

News & Features TFX


  • News report
    Gateway 2000 - progress at last, Golden Image ConneXion Ethernet, MicroniK American distribution, Two Amiga Magazines close, New PowerPC chips, Imagine add-on released, Stateside news, Project XG addendums and many more hot news items.
  • TFX
    • Covermount: TFX
      The full, legendary and yet unreleased Amiga version of DID's superb flight simulator can be found on the CD-ROM of CU Amiga. The floppy disk issue has a special coupon inside to order the 7 disks of TFX to install to hard drive. The ultimate covermount givaway for the ultimate Amiga magazine.
    • Feature: TFX
      Expanded coverage and detailed instructions for TFX. The controls, missions, tips and how-tos for the ultimate Amiga flight sim. In short, the coverage TFX deserves.
  • DIY Scene: "Suzanne"
    The DIY portable A600 as shown at the World of Amiga. This machine (pictured) is an Amiga 600 with a 28Mhz 68020, 8MB of RAM, 8 speed CD-ROM, LCD screen, Glidepoint mouse, internal power supply and stereo sound. Phew! Suzanne's creator, Simon Archer, describes how he built Suzanne, one very special and unique Amiga.
Coverdisks and CD-ROM
  • TFX!
    Note: TFX is only on the cover CD-ROM hence the range of applications for listed here for the floppy disks. There is an in-magazine coupon to allow ordering of the 7 floppy disk TFX set for £4.00.
  • Visual Prefs
    Customise your Workbench and GUIs like you never thought possible.
  • Video Easel
    Unique and exciting 'Cellular automa' animations.
  • Virtual TB 303 emulator
    A TB303 analogue synthesizer for the Amiga.
  • Virus Z
    Free your disks of destructive viruses with this latest virus exterminator
  • Super CD-ROM 15
    This month's CUCD is even more amazing than normal! The full version of the legendary TFX and 100% full 650MB of other wonderous goodies make up CUCD15.
Visual Prefs


Games & Entertainment SOTTM
  • OnEscapee: Interview
  • The Shadow of the Third Moon preview
  • Strete Racer preview
  • Civilization CD review
  • Gunship 2000 review
  • Railroad Tycoon review
  • Strangers AGA review
  • Tips Central
Tech Scene - Reviews EZ Tower


Supra 56K

  • Fusion Mac Emulator
    Jim Drew's latest commercial Macintosh emulator gets a thorough examination by Mat Bettinson. Is Fusion a ShapeShifter beater?
  • Eyetech EZ Tower Mk II
    Andrew Korn checks out Eyetech's new A1200 tower kit. A table of A1200 tower systems is provided for handy comparison.
  • Storm C V2
    The latest version of the Storm C compiler gets a workout from CU Amiga's code guru, Jason Hulance.
  • Amiga Usenet News readers head-to-head
    • FFNews 2.0
      The latest version of the shareware Newsreader examined.
    • NewYork
      Finale's commercial ClassAct based Newsreader compared.
  • Apollo 1260/66
    The fatest Amiga 680x0 acclerator on the planet examined. We also look at overclocking the latets batch of 68060 CPUs.
  • pOS preview
    ProDAD's AmigaOS clone operating system is shaping up nicely. Does Andrew Korn think this is a worthy successor to AmigaOS?
  • High speed modems
    • Supra Express 56
      Supra's K56Flex 56K modem gets a thorough test out.
    • Zyxel ISDN TA
      Zyxel's economical external ISDN terminal adaptor tested.
  • PD Utilities
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail.
  • PD Scene
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail.
  • CD-ROM Scene
    All the latest Amiga CD-ROMs on the market.
  • Art Gallery
    Readers art, some of which can be seen on this site.
Workshop regulars
  • Imagine 4.0 tutorial
  • Amiga C programming tutorial
  • Surf's Up - 'Comms' news
  • Wired Word - 'Comms' tutorial
  • Surf of the Month
  • Desktop Publishing tutorial
  • Q+A
  • FAQ
  • Backchat
  • Points of View