CU Amiga September 1997 issue contents

News & Features
  • News report
    Amiga clones to hit China, Amiga CD games make it back into shops, new tower prices are revealed and all the latest news from the USA.
  • DIY sound card - Project XG
    Problem: you want a sound card but there isn't a decent one that fits your Amiga, your requirements and your budget. Solution: CU Amiga DIY research labs have unveiled a monster 18-bit sound card compatible with all Amigas, featuring full General MIDI and XG compliance, on-board realtie Digital Signal Procesors and a pass-through/mixer for your existing Amiga audio! The best part is, all this will set you back just a little over £100!
  • New Faces of Amiga Gaming
    Good things are happening on the Amiga games scene. New faces are appearing with some impressive games, while a network of distributors and publishers is forming to get these gems to the masses. After a year or two of making do with substandard entertainment, it looks like Amiga Gamers are finally getting what they deserve; everything from flight sim to adventure games via Formula 1 arcade thrills. CU Amiga takes a look at the major players in this promising phoenix-like scene.
  • Amiga: The Next Generation
    It's time to re-evaluate the Amiga'#s future. It's a tough world out there and a next generation Amiga will have to be almost t perfectly targeted, designed, marketed and priced if it's to succeed as it should.
    We take a realistic look a what needs to stay, what has to go and how it can steal a march on the current computing 'alternatives'. For members of the soundbite culture, we've also included our own list of 20 Ways to Save the Amiga, not all serious.


Coverdisks and CD-ROM
  • Vista Pro 3.0, MakePath and Geomorph
    The full professional Vista package is here, complete with companion software MakePath and GeoMorph for spectacular animated landscape renders.
  • Workbench Games Collection
    With not a lot space left over on our floppy issue after Vista, we managed to still cram in a large collection of Workbench games for those quick breaks from the productivity of Workbench.
  • Super CD-ROM 14
    The best CDs just keep getting better. Far too much to list but look out for a special monster Wildfire section, the usual Web sites on CD, support software for Project XG including the most massive collection of GM and XG MIDI files ever to appear on a CUCD. All in addition to the goodies that are on the floppy disks.

CD14 root

Games & Entertainment
  • Sixth Sense Investigations preview
  • Sword preview
  • On Escapee preview
  • H-Bomber preview
  • Championship Manager 2 preview
  • Forgotten Forever preview
  • Nemac IV Director's Cut review
  • Flying High review
  • Tips Central
Tech Scene - Reviews
  • Art Effect 2
    Haage and Partner's latest version of their Photoshop look-a-like appears. Jason Compton asks if it's worth the considerable price hike.
  • Siamese & A1200 Ethernet preview
    Previewing a new version of the Siamese RTG software that runs via a standard TCP/IP connection. Accordingly we take a sneak peak at an A1200 PCMCIA Ethernet adapter and see how it all shapes up.
  • Micronik hardware special
    • Graphic's tablets
      Two graphic's tablets, the DigiPen 303 and 606, get the critical eye from Andrew Korn, CU's resident art guru.
    • Genlocks
      Two new Genlocks arrive from the German Micronik stable. Amiga video professional, Carol Harmond, reviews both the composite and S-Video versions.
  • Amiga A1200 Towers head-to-head
    • Infinitiv A1200
      Micronik's clip together A1200 tower case gets a thorough test out on a variety of Zorro cards. Is the all Micronik solution the better product?
    • Amigo A1200
      Intrinsic Computer System's own A1200 tower case based on the Micronik busboard but with a metallic case. Is British best?
  • Art Studio 2.5
    This newcomer to the image processing/cataloguing genre comes highly recommended by the German press. Does CU Amiga agree?
  • STFax
    Italian shareware Fax software hits the scene. Supporting Class 1 and CLass 2 fax modems, GPFax now has serious competition.
  • PD Utilities
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail.
  • PD Scene
    Serious shareware applications and utilities examined in detail.
  • CD-ROM Scene
    All the latest Amiga CD-ROMs on the market.
  • Art Gallery
    Readers art, some of which can be seen on this site .



Workshop regulars
  • Imagine 4.0 tutorial
  • Amiga C programming tutorial
  • Surf's Up - 'Comms' news
  • Wired Word - 'Comms' tutorial
  • Surf of the Month
  • Desktop Publishing tutorial
  • Q+A
  • FAQ
  • Backchat
  • Points of View