CU Amiga's Super CD-ROMs

Our Super CD-ROMs, CUCDs for short, are legendary in the Amiga marketplace. The quantity and quality of the material found in each and every months edition makes the CD-ROM edition of CU Amiga Magazine an essential purchase. This section is dedicated to CUCDs but remember, they wouldn't be what they are without your help and feedback.

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Our Super CD-ROMs are CD32 compatible, self booting Amiga CD-ROMs with a full Workbench 3.1 installation. We used NewIcons throughout the CD but the standard icon images continue to use the Iconographics icon set for compatibility with Amigas not running the NewIcons system.

There's a load of regular sections which appear each month including Comms, Utilities, Magazine, Games, Demos, Previews, CD-ROM, off-line WWW site and of course much expanded versions of the usual superb commercial packages that you could expect to find on CU Amiga's floppy disks.

Our CDs are compatible with other platforms so if you don't own a CD-ROM for your Amiga, you can copy material onto floppies (lots of them) from a machine that does.

CU Amiga's cover CDs are compiled by Neil Bothwick. Neil also operates Wirenet, the UK's only Amiga specifc Internet Service Provider.