How to Use this Database

To access the database first select the main menu page. This will bring upa menu screen showing six main categories and a brief description of each one. Click on the highlighted title bar (html link) of the category you want to explore. (In some cases this will bring up a sub-menu to narrow the selection).

Across the top of each subsequent page is a menu bar with seven boxes covering the six main categories and the `home' page. You can click on these to switch categories or return to the home page.

The database covers only `CU AMIGA' magazines from issues September 1995 to August 1997, but a few random earlier issues are also included. (NB: Demo reviews, News Items, Letters, etc. and some regular features are NOT included).

The database displays BEST on A-WEB II 3.0 on a high-res. interlaced screen and using the full page width. It uses FRAMES and TABLES so if your browser doesn't support these features you really should upgrade now.

If you have any problems using the database, find errors (there must be some) or want to send me a postcard, please refer to the FREEWARE page.

Do NOT contact `CU AMIGA' -- they are not responsible!