Creating a magazine like CU Amiga takes a lot of hard work and not all of it is ours. The least we can do is keep an ear out for comments, suggests and criticisms so we can continue to keep CU Amiga Magazine the best magazine we possibly can. Here's the Editorial staff at CU Amiga, please feel free to drop them a line or join our mailing list.

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Tony Horgan - Editor of CU Amiga magazine
Tony Horgan
Contact Contact Tony about magazine direction, sound/audio etc and general editorial matters.
Favourite 'Things' Split screen VW vans, TB303s (it's a keyboard), pasta, chips and cheese. Not to mention clubbing.
Favourite DrinksNon Alcoholic: Cream soda
Alchoholic: Lager, plenty of it.
Favourite MusicTechno and House. Lots of techno/dance labels such as; (He can't think of any)

Andrew Korn - Deputy Editor of CU Amiga magazine
Andrew Korn
Contact Contact Andrew for News, reviews and features, games, public domain, CD-ROMs and so on.
Favourite 'Things'
10 Call Sex()
20 Call Drugs()
30 Call RockNRoll()
40 GOTO 10
Favourite DrinksNon Alcoholic: Coffee, Strong, No sugar
Alchoholic: Guinness or Czech lager
Favourite MusicJan Garbarek, Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Police and Stravinsky.

Richard Drummond - Staff Writer for CU Amiga magazine
Richard Drummond
Contact Contact Richard for, well, er, anything they left out above, but especially programming.
Favourite 'Things' See drinks and music, below. Also, philosophy and old movies.
Favourite Drinks Non-alcoholic: Coffee (preferably Javan) '... black as midnight on a moonless night'
Alcoholic: Depends whose buying! Strong ale, plenty of it, preferably real.
Favourite Music The Mission, New Model Army, Zeppelin, Rush, Beethoven, Chopin, ...

Neil Bothwick - CDROM Compiler
Neil Bothwick
Contact Contact Neil about the cover CDROMs and the web site.
Favourite 'Things' Food (almost anything), sci-fi movies and Babylon 5, motorsport
Favourite Drinks Non-alcoholic: Tea, preferably a non-stop supply
Alcoholic: Creamy northern cask bitter, bourbon
Favourite Music Anything but techno, dance or country and western. All time favourite: Bruce Springsteen.

John Kennedy - Technical Consultant
John Kennedy
Contact Contact me about anything with my name at the end of it.
Favourite 'Things' Fiona, Moses and Smudge the cats, programming, BMW RT1100R and astronomy.
Favourite Drinks Non-alcoholic: Espresso (made with Lavatsa using my excellent Gaggia), Strawberry milkshake.
Alcoholic: No thanks, I came on my bike.
Favourite Music Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, The Clash, Radiohead and Debussy.
Jason Compton - US Correspondent
Jason Compton
Contact Well, contact the editors first with the important stuff. Contact Jason for Stateside news, emulators.
Favourite 'Things' Trivia, obscure references, and Chicago cuisine.
Favourite Drinks Non-alcoholic: Wild Cherry Pepsi
Alcoholic: Guinness, red wine, or a Zombie, depending on the company.
Favourite Music Genesis, Yes, REM, and lots of that insidious 80s pop.

Mat Bettinson - Networking Expert
Mat Bettinson
Contact Contact Mat about Comms and Networking matters
Favourite 'Things' Mucking about with Amigas, gadgets and electronics. Online gaming. Erm, online everything. Travelling regularly hopefully to windsurf and dive.
Favourite DrinksNon Alcoholic: Percolated coffee with no poofter powder
Alchoholic: Whiskey, Bitter, Stout or G 'n T depending on the mood.
Favourite MusicVaried. Some of which; Mike Oldfield, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, Queen etc, female vocalists and melodic techno.

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