New POV Raytracer

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Persistence of Vision, the multi-platform public domain rendering software, has been updated. Persistence of Vision is a public domain raytracing program for several platforms, including the Amiga. Joel Newkirk, one of the Amiga programmers, has released the latest incarnation, version 3.02. What Persistence of Vision lacks is a GUI: you have to stage your 3D scene by hand, although several helpful examples are included and if you're good with graph paper, it's a manageable task.

What POV has in abundance are algorithmic textures to make your objects visually appealing. With so many authors working on the project, they've amassed quite a lot, to rival the included Imagine textures. Newkirk also promises support for the Phase5 PowerUP cards in the near future, allowing much faster rendering times. There are presently versions available for all Amigas, even those without FPU units.

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