New company for Siamese

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Existing and potential customers of the Siamese System will have a new company to talk to - Siamese Systems Ltd. of Bedfordshire.

The original publisher of the Siamese System, HiQ, has ceased trading. Siamese Systems is honouring its previous customer obligations and consists of essentially the same personnel with new contact information. The first move of the newly formed Siamese Systems is the wide availability release of Siamese Remote Amiga v2.1 serial edition, available from Siamese Systems direct or several dealers world-wide for £29.95/$US49.95/DM79.

Siamese remote is basically the full Siamese 2.5 software with the TCP/IP stack removed. It has the full retargetable capabilities, but functions only over a serial connection. The idea of the release is to act as a power users rival to current Amiga - PC networking solutions and as a way in to the Siamese system for those who aren't sure what they are getting. Purchasers of the Siamese remote release CD from Siamese systems will be entitled to a full refund against a purchase price of the v2.50 pro Siamese Ethernet system, which is up to 50 times faster than serial in certain operations.

Siamese Systems Ltd. can be reached on 01525 211558, or at

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