CU Amiga September 1998 coming attractions

On the disks
  • Netconnect 2 lite
    Try this amazing new Internet software package before you buy, with this time limited but fully functional version (CD only).
  • In Shadow of time
    Demo of a great upcoming adventure game
  • Networking utilities
  • ...and the normal massive collection of pics, mods, demos, games, utils and websites on the CD
  • CU2000
    What will you be reading in the next millenium?

  • Old Dog, New Tricks
    Got a spare lower powered Amiga lying around? Using it as a doorstop? Don't! There's life in the old dog yet...
CU 2000
  • Networking
    Everything you wanted to know about nets but were afraid to ask... with networking software on the disks.
Reviews you can use:
  • Prelude

  • CrossDos 7

  • Ateo A4000 tower

  • Epic Encyclopedia 1998

  • Amiga Developer's CD v1.2

  • ...and more

Ateo Tower
  • Paul Burkey's guide to Foundation
  • Explorer 2260 diary
  • All the normal tutorials, columns, help, letters, news, PD coverages etc.
September 1998