Coverdisk Addendums

Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong. We'll be putting fixes and addendums concerning the coverdisks on this page with the newest first. Naturally if you have a problem that isn't listed here, please drop us a line.


The Scalos archive supplied for the CD missing a few important files. You need to copy the main Scalos directory from the CD to a temporary place on your hard drive or RAM: and then copy the contents of this archive (170K) to the copy of the main Scalos directory.

Now double -click on the ClickMe icon to replace the missing files. You can then install Scalos by double-clicking the Install.Scalos icon in the scalos sub-directory.


A few people are getting a strange error code from updatecopy when running InitCD (this may affect earlier CDs too). The solution is to copy asyncio.library from the libs drawer of the CD to the libs drawer of your boot drive. You can do this by typing the following command in a shell:

copy CUCD23:libs/asyncio.library LIBS: clone

There were also a few problems with Reality Game Engine, mainly due to the original installer supplied to us. A fixed version will be on CUCD24 and there is a patch archive (9K) to download from here.

You will need to drag the RealityGameEngine drawer from the CD to your hard drive, then unpack the archive to RAM: drag the FixRGE icon to the RealityGameEngine drawer and double-click it.


There is a problem with the hard drive installer for Superbase Professional. A last minute replacement script had floppy disk install routines included.

The solution is to copy the HD-Install drawer to a temporary location on your hard drive or RAM: and copy over the fixed install script (2K) before running the installer.


Possible Virus Warning

One of the demo files on CUCD19 was possibly infected by a virus, which was undetected by the virus checker in use at the time. It was only with the later release of VirusChecker II that this showed up.

False Alarm

The author of Virus Checker II hs confirmed that this file is NOT infected but VC-II was being a little too cautious :)


One batch of CUCD15 had a manufacturing defect that affected some of the TFX files, making it unplayable. This included all CDs sold at the Computer '97 show in Cologne. The solution is to install TFX to your hard drive and then copy correct files into the TFX directory.

The archive is split into three parts, so those of you who only have Internet access via a PC can copy them onto 720K floppy disks for transfer to your Amiga.

  1. Download these four files:
    TFXfix.001 (640K)
    TFXfix.002 (640K)
    TFXfix.003 (640K)
    UNLZX (23K) - not needed if you already have lzx

  2. Install TFX from CUCD15 to your hard drive

  3. Copy UNLZX and the three TFXfix files to the TFX directory

  4. Open a shell and CD to the TFX directory

  5. Type:
    Join TFXfix.001 TFXfix.002 TFXfix.003 AS TFXfix.lzx
    UNLZX -m x TFXfix.lzx
You should now have a fully-functional TFX installation.


The Make_ProPageINI icon which is used when installing ProPage 4.1 off CUCD11 onto your hard drive has a vital flaw. It copies an old version of the asl.library into your libs. This is easily fixed, simply copy the new ASL library from the CD into your libs. The following in the shell will do it:

copy cucd11:libs/asl.library libs:

CU Amiga apologises for any problems this may have caused!


As many will know, there's been a problem with our CUCD10. It's actually a bug in the Commodore CD filing system so if you install AmiCDFS 2, the problem goes away. However, there's no installer and it's not easy to get working with CD32s and the A1200 CD32 emulation provided with the Squirrel. For this reason, we've decided to remaster CUCD10 for those who can't sort the problem out themselves. If this is you, E-mail with your name, address and telephone number.

We thank all our readers of the CD edition for their patience.

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