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Every month in the Readers directory of our CD-ROMs, we include the modules, pictures, games and utilities sent in by talented readers. If you want worldwide distribution of your work, you can't go wrong by sending it to us at CU Amiga. There's three main ways of submitting material; by post, by e-mail and by FTP.

In each case, there are some guidlines to follow. We don't want to make it harder for you but our responsibility as a publisher tie our hands. The following instructions refer to contributions as 'Uploads' but they apply no matter what method is used to submit the material.

Submissions Guidelines

Thanks for reading this far, and sorry if it's a bit of a hassle, but it is necessary. Prepare for fame :)

Submissions by Post

Please send your submissions to the following address;
CD Submissions
CU Amiga Magazine
37-39 Millharbour
Isle of Dogs
London, E14 9TZ
United Kingdom

Submissions are accepted on; DD floppy disks, Iomega ZIP disks, Syquest EZ135 carts and CD-R media. We will return mass storage disks but not floppy disks.

Submissions by E-Mail

While we discourage it, we do accept MIME octet stream encoded binaries (archives). Please include the readme either as the text e-mail before the attachments or attached as a MIME encode. We urge you to excersize common sense regarding size, if the archive is very large FTP is far better.

The E-mail address to send the archives to is, please don't send E-mail requiring a response to this address, use one of the addresses in the Editorial section of this web site or Neil Bothwick.

Submissions by FTP

FTP is a very convienient way to send material to us. However because of security issues, you can't upload to our FTP site by logging in as an anonymous user. In this case, please use the following details:
FTP Site:
Login:    cucd
Password: reader

You wont see your uploads but if your FTP client reports no problems, everything has gone according to plan. We'll be in touch via your E-mail address in the readme if anything has gone wrong.

Neil Bothwick - CU Amiga CD Compiler

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