Super CD-ROM 'readmes'

On this page you'll find some of the 'readmes' from the early CU Amiga Super CD-ROMs. The early CDs were a massive learning experience for Mat Bettinson, the CD-ROM editor of the day, now Technical Editor. Along the way many problems occured on all fronts from hardware to software and the day to day problems of filling and mastering CU Amiga's famous quality CUCDs.

Rather than let these go to waste, Mat typed up an informal diary of the experiences. These legendary Amiga documents were saved with no icon in the root of the CDs and called 'mat.readme'.

The make entertaining and educational reading but please bear in mind that they are written informally, raw into a text editor. The raw text seen here has gone through none of the quality control (spell and grammar checking) such that you will find in CU Amiga Magazine's printed articles.

Mat's views don't necessarily represent those of CU Amiga Magazine or it's publisher EMAP Images. Forewarned, please enjoy the following.

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